Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Yet another free computer fiasco

Now I know I wrote about the free computer scam. But my roommate never read it. So he got a free computer from his work. I know my faithful readers are shaking their heads, so am I as I write this. Ok he brings it home and the mouse has this old square connector. It's only a one button mouse to begin with so I don't know what he's trying to accomplish. He didn't get a monitor, the computer didn't have a sound card and the OS was windows 98. So last night we get into my truck and go searching for computer stuff. We buy a cable modem, monitor (flat panel) a sound card, and a bunch of other stuff too. He walked out $500 poorer. We got home and hooked up everything. Then we find out that you can't have 2 cable modems in one house. (we're not computer ppl and noone told us.) So the guy at our service says..."go buy a router." That's what we did today, we bought a router (well he did) and hooked it up. Wireless or hard wired? Both actually. We have one that does both. We only have the wired hooked up now, but it seems like it's pretty fast.

I was afraid of losing bandwith but who knows what will happen.

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Anonymous said...

You won't lose noticeable bandwidth using a router, unless you are each trying to download several mp3 files at once (then it adds up). But for normal surfing and the occassional file download, you shouldn't notice any diminished capacity in your connection.

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