Sunday, March 02, 2008

What's Happening to my sky?

Now I'm not a pilot, nor a meteorologist. This morning while I was out walking the boy, I looked up. I saw some things that probably shouldn't be there. I also saw some things that should have been there.

I saw some contrails and I saw some things that looked like they were supposed to be contrails, but they weren't. I took some pictures of both of them. I've noticed these before but never took any photos. On some mornings I've seen my sky look like a grid pattern.

You decide what you think.

This is a normal contrail. The plane making it was at around the same altitude as the rest of the airplanes in this series.

The second photo is another contrail. Notice that a contrail dissipates soon after the plane flies off. It looks like a tail, but one that stays about the same length.

The next few photos show some contrail like phenomena, but they stretch across the sky for miles and miles.

I also shot a short video of two planes spraying or creating these trails.


Matt said...

The sky is falling! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!

timx said...

How quickly contrails dissipate depends on the atmospheric conditions at the time. There are enough at any one time over the USA to cause 'global dimming' and as you may know, when all flights were grounded after 9/11, there was a significant rise in average atmospheric temperature!

timx said...

By the way, Edster, I discontinued 'It's getting warmer' as it seemed to be overtaken by events! But thanks for asking....time moves on (as well as being the dreaded enemy!)

Edster said...

Tim, so good to see you're still among us!

Normal contrails do dissipate. I posted a photo of a normal contrail amongst all these "super contrails." These "super contrails" are something more sinister, I'm afraid. Germany is involved and has openly admitted to spraying chemicals into the atmosphere for "weather control" purposes in their own skies. There are cases in the US of chemicals and heavy metals being sprayed as well. Barium, it seems is the chemical of choice, though Mercury and others have been used.

Mac said...

Oh my gosh they're chemtrails!!

I really don't know crap about that stuff. They could be. They might not.

And to what timx said. I don't believe "there was a significant rise in global temperature at all. Show me a scientific paper published on the subject, because that would definitely be published. Even if there was a rise in temperature, it would be unprovable to have been due to flights grounded on a certain number of days.

Mac said...

One other thing I might like to add, is when I lived on base in Guam, I never saw any contrails/chemtrails. I know wind shear and temperature/humidity have to do with it, but it is interesting that I never saw any. There is an air force base, an international airport, and a navy air base there (perhaps closed down). Just strange that I would see none.