Monday, December 31, 2012

The Zen of Story Telling

I wish I could tell a story as well as other people that I know.  I wish I could tell a story and keep everyone interested, sitting on the edge of their seats.  I cannot do these things.

I find that there must be a Zen in storytelling.  A doing without doing.  Acting without acting.  A mindfulness in the present as the past is being related.

The art of storytelling is such that the listener is engaged and the teller is weaving them through with just enough detail to make the story appealing and seamless from teller to listener.

I wish I could tell a story like that.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Blog hits

Interestingly enough....

The other day at work I was attempting to show a colleague some of the places I had visited in my days as a Marine.  Several of these places were in South Korea.  I was using at the time, as it is one of my favorite programs.

Today upon checking my blog hits I noticed an unusually large number of hits for my blog in a shortened time span.  So being the inquisitive type, I wanted to see the source of these particular hits.  Guess what?  21 hits originated with South Korea IPs.

I think they may be checking on me.

Let me say this, when I tell my stories at work, I like to illustrate them with the use of Google Maps.  I find it makes the stories more interesting and gives me a few more talking points.

I do hope that I haven't ruffled any feathers, nor created any un-necessary work for any of the cyber-sleuths that are employed by any of the governments.  I do, however, find it interesting that it is so easy to track cookies and the owners of the cookies.