Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Blog hits

Interestingly enough....

The other day at work I was attempting to show a colleague some of the places I had visited in my days as a Marine.  Several of these places were in South Korea.  I was using at the time, as it is one of my favorite programs.

Today upon checking my blog hits I noticed an unusually large number of hits for my blog in a shortened time span.  So being the inquisitive type, I wanted to see the source of these particular hits.  Guess what?  21 hits originated with South Korea IPs.

I think they may be checking on me.

Let me say this, when I tell my stories at work, I like to illustrate them with the use of Google Maps.  I find it makes the stories more interesting and gives me a few more talking points.

I do hope that I haven't ruffled any feathers, nor created any un-necessary work for any of the cyber-sleuths that are employed by any of the governments.  I do, however, find it interesting that it is so easy to track cookies and the owners of the cookies.

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