Saturday, November 12, 2016

In this latest election we have seen fact free politics from both sides. We have seen the worst of both candidates. But what I find the most appalling is that we have seen the worst sides of the very people that are supporting one candidate over another.

This divide cannot continue. There has to be a way to unite the people to a common cause. To forge ahead in ways that allow the USA to once again push to the forefront of the world in terms of democacy, in terms of health and welfare of it's citizenry, and in terms of real peace both within and without our borders.

There comes a point in time in which two warring factions must put aside their swords and rather than face each other in combat, walk side by side and truly understand each other. It seems impossible now, but making the impossible a reality has always been something Americans have done.

This country has enough wealth in it's citizens, enough food in it's cupboard and enough water in it's jar for everyone to exist peacefully. It's time we cast away our swords and get to work. Pushing forward in such a way that we don't just benefit the ruling class, but we benefit ourselves. Pushing forward in a way that we don't alienate ourselves from the world at large, nor the smallest village within our borders.

We need to stop our foreign policy of threatening anyone that disagrees with us. We need to put away our ideals that every country should be like us. We need to find a healthy middle ground where our healthcare is affordable, our borders are more secure, and our minorities feel a measure of safety. And we need to do this while still allowing our working class a measure of income security.

Sorry for this ramble. But I am sick of the vitriol of right vs left vs everyone else. I may not agree with everyone about how things are to be done, but I will agree that things must be done.