Monday, July 27, 2009

A restaurant review ( Meat in a Box )

Now I know this is a little bit out of the norm for this blog, but I'm willing to accept a departure.

Today I went to a very new restaurant called Meat in a Box. The eatery opened a few days ago. Since I'm very interested in Kabab style food, I decided to try it. Here is my report:

Upon entering the storefront I was greeted with a gigantic smile from a very lovely lady. I truly felt welcomed. I glanced at the basic menu overhead and was greeted with a few of the regular type dishes; hummus, stuffed grape leaves, baklava and such. Instead of ordering from that menu, I simply asked the woman for her suggestion. So I got the ground beef kabab. My meal was prepared swiftly.

The kabab was served rolled in fresh unleavened bread, and inside that bread was a wonderful Persian "salsa" comprised of tomato, onion and parsley. Served alongside the two kababs is a small dish of a yogurt sauce. My first bite of the kabab was greeted with mildly spiced ground beef with just enough "hot" to warm my tastebuds. The most surprising element was a wonderful clean bitterness of the parsley which lingered after the bite. Just an amazing use of parsley in my humble opinion. The bread was firm but not tough and had a wonderful taste and texture that just simply cannot be equalled in freshness.

The portion (two wrapped kababs) was more than ample.

My comments: My own preference with spiced beef kababs is that they be less mild and more outstanding. However, if taking into account the tomato, onion, parsley condiment, the spice was just right for most people as none of the flavors were overpowering.

For a first time visit, I give this restaurant a B+. Why not an A? Because I think over the next few months this restaurant will develop more of a personality and really develop and tailor itself to it's clientele.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Really cool video

I saw this posted on one of the forums I visit. Super cool video, IMO.