Sunday, March 02, 2008

What's Happening to my sky?

Now I'm not a pilot, nor a meteorologist. This morning while I was out walking the boy, I looked up. I saw some things that probably shouldn't be there. I also saw some things that should have been there.

I saw some contrails and I saw some things that looked like they were supposed to be contrails, but they weren't. I took some pictures of both of them. I've noticed these before but never took any photos. On some mornings I've seen my sky look like a grid pattern.

You decide what you think.

This is a normal contrail. The plane making it was at around the same altitude as the rest of the airplanes in this series.

The second photo is another contrail. Notice that a contrail dissipates soon after the plane flies off. It looks like a tail, but one that stays about the same length.

The next few photos show some contrail like phenomena, but they stretch across the sky for miles and miles.

I also shot a short video of two planes spraying or creating these trails.