Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The 15 minute blog

Okay I've got 15 minutes before lunch, I'm not that busy and I wanted to write something. I've no idea where I'm going to go with this and sometimes that just seems to be the most fun time to write. Rambling can be fun. Rambling is kind of like that old time passion of a sunday afternoon drive. It's not where you went that was important, only how you got there. If you take the interstate highways and freeways you don't see anything. You don't feel anything. If you take the backroads and the by-ways, the business routes and the country lanes you actually get to experience the area. I guess what I'm saying is that the truest part of the trip is the journey itself.

The whole concept of truth, however, escapes me. Truth is personal. Truth is subjective. Truth is postulative. Truth is theory. In some of the discussions I have had I have discussed topics from religious dogma to simple faith. Regardless of the doctrine being discussed, all seem to have one commonality: the presence of a soul, a spirit or a life-force. Call it what you will, in order for any sort of religious doctrine to hold up to scrutiny the human being must have this undying energy. Does that make us unique among the rest of the animals on earth? Does that mean that we don't really die? I don't know. I am not making a unification theory that proves or disproves religion.

I know that some of you are thinking that I'm odd, my ideas don't follow a logical process, nor do my writings. If there is indeed a "truth" out there, it has to have spawned from a beginning. And this beginning, for most people, began at Genesis 1:1. For according to the abrahamic faiths, those words predate the universe. So therefore discussion of religion and truth is non-exclusive. Even scientists who believe in the "Big Bang" theory of universal origins don't know what caused the conflagration.

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Anonymous said...

Boy can you RAMBLE!!! And maybe you are odd... but that's one of your endearing qualities.