Monday, August 02, 2004

I just noticed

I just noticed that there's a "recently published" list of blogs...I wanted to be on it so I'm putting the theoretical ink to paper right now, in hopes that I can make the next 10 minute window.

I'm wondering if any bloggers out there have any hints on how to increase my I just start leaving hyperlinks on the desk when I walk away from the table? Should I get business cards with my blog site on them? Or is forcing people to view my blog at gunpoint a better idea? I've no idea which is the best course of action. I've already used it in my email signature, and in most of my msg board signatures as well.

Oh well at least I'm published, even if noone reads the stupid thing. Enough for now, I don't want that window to close.

PS and for those who are interested, the A/C came back on Friday night, I've had it set at 60* since....mmmmm cold air is gooooood!

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