Monday, August 23, 2004

Just a quick update

For those of you that have followed my postings; I'm dogsitting again. Yep, Sophie is back and is still enriching my life. I've not gotten much sleep since friday, in fact last night I was awakened several times by all sorts of squeals, moans, snores (yes she snores,) and yips. The one vocabulary word that I've learned for sure sounds like "EEEE-OOOOOO-OWROOO" mean "I need attention now." It's hard figuring out what type of attention, sometimes it's "I want on the bed" sometimes it's "I need potty now" and sometimes it's "Why are you sleeping when I need to be social?" Between 9PM and 6:30AM we went out, got up, got down, ate, went potty, drank water and went outside to sniff about 10 times.

The cat is not standing her ground now, she's just being a scaredy cat and hiding. I try to spread my affection evenly, but then the dog begins her "EEEE-OW-AROO"-ing and it's all over.

Is this what it's like having kids? I've never parented but I'm sure that it's something somewhat close. Do parents have to split their affection at times? It's got to be confusing, troubling and somewhat painful to do.

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