Sunday, April 24, 2005

A dog's life for me...

Saturday, in the pouring rain I picked up Sophie. Sophie is a Pekingnese dog. She's 16 years old, fidgety, vocal, and very persnickety. She eats what she wants to eat, she does what she wants to do. She has howls, yowls, whines and barks. She is very full of herself when she alerts me to the fact that there's someone else in the room, or in the apartment or outside. There are times when she acts like a puppy, but most of the time she is the epitome of an old dog: she's mostly deaf, her joints ache, the one eye that she has left is clouded over and all she can see is shadow and movement.

This is practice, I think, for the new puppy that I'm getting. I'm learning to be a caretaker and a father. I was also told something kind of disturbing when I picked her up; I was told that if she "had a stroke or something else happened" not to allow the Vet to give her an MRI or perform any additional testing. I don't know. I just know that when she is over here, she acts like a puppy most of the time. The rest of the time she sleeps. She struts and prances when she's outside. Her vertigo makes it look a little awkward at times though. She has always been my vision of a tough little dog. She's never backed down from any challenge that I've ever seen.

I like to think that when she does go she'll end up back in the same pack that her brothers Shiloh and Sammy are in.

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