Thursday, April 21, 2005

Oppression is...

Opression is trying to sleep when the ambient inside temperature is 87*F in your apartment. Opression is having 4 floor fans going full blast and still not being able to cool down the apartment. Oppression is when the air conditioning units are not turned on by the residents themselves but by a board of advisors that set an arbitrary date.

So that was my night last night. I didn't sleep much, maybe two hours, if even that. It was so hot that the cat didn't get on the bed, she slept on the floor. Around 3am I went to go into the living room, where it was a bit cooler. I've slept on the couch out there before and to be honest, it's quite pleasant. My roommate beat me to it. I could have squeezed in on the love-seat but that would have been quite uncomfortable.

Sure, sure, there are worse things in life than having a hot house, but having a hot house is still a very oppressive thing. I've never been able to sleep in a hot house. In the summer I turn my air conditioning down to about 67* or 68*F. If I thought it would be reasonable I'd turn it down to 50*F. I like it cold, not unbearable cold, just cold enough so that I'd have to wear a blanket when I'm lounging around the house.

I hope that the "powers that be" will turn on the A/C soon.


alex said...

Ya know you could stay here if it's ever that hot in your house at night. It's usually pretty cool in the guest room and you're welcome to it.

Edster said...

Aye...but the commute would be as unbearable as the heat. I do thank you though.