Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The world is going to the dogs

I know that a large percentage of my recent posts were dedicated to animal companions. There is a reason for this: I am soon to be the proud owner of a new puppy. As far as I know the puppy isn't born yet. I am purchasing a Pharaoh Hound . (I wish I knew how to make these links work so I wouldn't have to show the whole URL.)

I was watching one of the dog shows on television a few months ago and I thought that this dog was statuesque. I started doing research about them and discovered that, indeed, the dog should make a good companion and fit in with my lifestyle. So I started inquiring and put a deposit down on a puppy that had not even been conceived.

I'm getting very excited at this point, as the due date for the expectant mother is now past. I hope that she had an easy time at birthing and that her and the pups are ok. As I have not yet heard from the breeder, I am resting a bit uneasy. The amazing thing is the amount of support I have received from friends and family. This is one way, I'm guessing, for me to get out to the mountains and go on hikes, take long leisurely walks, and possibly even get involved in other canine activities such as lure coursing, obedience and agility.

Pharaoh hounds are good hunters, and though they are considered "sight hounds" they also use their noses more than other sighhound breeds. They are particularly athletic when outside of the house but somehow know that it's ok to be a "couch potato" when inside.

My biggest concern is that my cat, who is very co-dependent, will begin to hate me for adding a loud, large (60lb,) drooling sycophant canine into the household. I know that I will lose a bit of the camaraderie I have with her, yet I cannot help but think it would add a bit more variety to her otherwise mundane and banal life. (The biggest excitement for her now is when the pizza guy comes to the door-and all she does is look for the quickest place to hide.)

So there is my reason for the canine posts.

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kmvr said...

What a beautiful animal, big too.
Poor cat lol