Friday, October 29, 2004

For What is this I see before me?

I have been sick the last few days. I went to work on Wednesday and stayed only until 9am to take care of whatever critical issues that might creep upon the body shop. I went home and slept on and off all day. The next day I felt no better so I called in sick. Again I was in bed most of the day.

This sickness hits me every other year or so it seems. I lose what little voice I have for two days, my chest tightens like a vise and my head and body ache as if to make living an agony of torment. My nasal sinuses slowly fill with pressure and make me feel like my head will soon explode. I can think of no better activity than sleep, blissful sleep, to consume this pain. Yet sleep is precious and does not come easily.

The medicines available for coughs and colds and influenzas have gravitated towards one major trend: they all want you to remain awake! I search and search through the various over the counter medications and find the one or two night-time medicines. These medicines are not only hard to find but they are not clearly marked.

I've no idea why this seems to be the case, but it does. And when I'm sick I want to sleep! Who are these people that want to be alert and still go to work spreading virii and bacteria to the people closest to them? Who are the ones that want to pay their bills with money that is literally crawling with infection? I say fight back, call in sick once in a while when you are sick. Let's have a real "sick-out" people. If you are contagious: stay home! Damn you all! This is probably why I got sick. Stupid people going to work and breathing illness, spreading your disease through a friendly handshake, a pat on the back, expelling spores laden with death. What will it take for people to learn this? Will it take a pandemic of incredible proportions?

Sadly, I think so.

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