Monday, October 11, 2004

Today is...

Today is a brand new day and I'm at a brand new position within my department. I had and have told myself that my positive attitude will prevent any negativity from darkening my mind's proverbial shores. So far that approach has worked fairly well, though I am quite exhausted by the sheer effort that it has required. Although this exhaustion could also be due to the fact that my second cup of coffee never materialized this morning. I went to the communal coffee urn and it was quite bone dry. It may just be me, but a second cup of coffee seems to hit the right spot and enable me to carry out my duties with nary a terse word. Perhaps it's just a luxury that I might do well without. Caffiene certainly can be an addictive force in one's life, I am discovering.

So now instead of being the one that is called with parts orders, I am the one doing the calling. The change of pace should make me appreciate more the calls that come in for missing parts and such. I also have the pleasure of dealing with those most insistent for their parts: The bodymen. Bodymen have a penchant for discovering the littlest details which drive me crazy. The majority of them don't speak english as a first language, and of course they want everything now. The earned income among bodymen would make a bank CEO proud. The sacrifices that they make to work 60 and 80 hour work weeks are tremendous. But I would say that the rewards justify those sacrifices.

So after a bittersweet return to hockey this past week, I am confronted with the new position in the bodyshop parts department. I will keep everyone updated on my moods, problems and challenges in future posts.

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