Friday, May 20, 2005

What in Life?

In lieu of an actual blog entry which requires thought, editing and contemplation, I will use the lyrics of a song which wrote itself in my head and into reality today. I hope that you enjoy it.

What in Life?

What in life is so important
What in life is so real
What in life can make me turn and walk away
From that which I feel?

Carry on, carry on
Carry on, just carry me away
You won’t even listen to what
I’ve got nothing to say (to you)

What in life makes it worth living?
What in life makes it true?
What in life can I remember
That will be complete without you?

Some things I won’t forget
Some things I won’t save
Some things will just fall apart
Some things I will not take

What in life is forever?
What in life is complete?
What in life can make me whole again
As I shuffle down your street?

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