Sunday, February 27, 2005


What is it about mankind that makes them long for freedom? Why do we seek to cast off the oppressive rule of tyranny? Is it for the betterment of our own lives? Is it for the realization of self? What is it?

Would you risk your life, your liberty and that of your family to topple an evil regime? If you survived this would you then remain to help put into place a government that might be more fair and decent? There are many individuals that history shows did just that. Most of them died for their effort, but their death, in martyrdom, stands before us as the realization of their dream; the ultimate sacrifice. It must be worthwhile to endure and strive towards a goal, if that goal is altruistic and just.

Freedom is that altruistic goal in too many cases. Though the Magna Carta was written almost an eon ago freedom still is not realized across the world. Oppression still dominates the landscapes of the third world, and though the struggles are heartfelt, they are ultimately doomed to failure because of the lack of unity. If men like John Hancock, James Madison, George Mason, Benjamin Franklin and so many others had not drafted a constitution and another document called the "Declaration of Independence" our homes and our lives would be drastically different. Think of the name of that document: The Declaration of Independence. Wow! I declare that I am free. I declare that we are free. I stand in front of you and shout "I am free from your oppressive rule and I will fight to remain so." Those men crafted seperate states, a united country and they were able to obtain support from the common farmers, woodsmen and merchants throughout the countryside. The Revolutionary War was fought as a struggle against oppression and the tyrannical government that reaped the rewards of the North American resources yet had none of the responsibilities associated with the production of such.

Freedom. Such a small almost insignificant word, but behind that word is a concept that millions of persons have deemed worth fighting and dying for. The leaders of the revolution also wrote a wonderful document called "The Bill of Rights." Are those concepts and ideas worth a man's life? Ask every person who has had an original idea. Ask every wife of a fallen soldier, airman, sailor or Marine. These are the reasons that they fight. Say a silent thanks everytime you walk into your church, read a newspaper, or voice your opinion. For without your "inalienable rights" there is no reason to have originality, intelligence, greed, ambition and there is no freedom.

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