Monday, September 13, 2004

Watches and stuff

Ok please tell me this: Why would a manufacturer design, build, and market a waterproof watch that does not have a waterproof band? I bought a wonderful Timex watch with all the features that I need: Clock, Date, Alarm, Chrono and countdown timer. This watch says on it "WR 200M." Yet the band is made of some woven nylon material with a velcro closure. Who would buy such a thing? Me, that's who. After wearing a watch for over 30 years of my life, I must remember now, to remove it before showering. I'm not good at that. I hate change, it scares me. My options, I think, are to either buy a new watchband or to remember to simply remove it as I enter the shower, or go swimming or wash the truck.

On another note, I have discovered that my mid-day musical creativity and inspiration is fairly non-existent. I think I'll have to adjust my jamming schedule to fit into my creative schedule. On a lighter note, I will be recording the song that my friend and I have been working on. I'm going to do it at home on my 4 track and see what kind of results I get. I don't have a bass at home, so I'll need to borrow one, but for the rest of the song I have an idea where I want to go with it and where it needs to go. I will try to lay down some vocals as well, though my voice sounds somewhere in between Tom Petty and Bob Dylan both with sinus congestion. The other problem I think we'll have to solve will be the drum problem. I don't have a set, he doesn't have a set. He does, however, posess a drum machine program, but it seems pretty complicated and quite detailed. The other conundrum is that I don't want to record in mono, so I need to find out how I can upload the stereo tracks to the computer program.

Just another day in the life.

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