Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Hockey this Hockey that...

I'm in love with a game.  I know it doesn't seem fair to any of my friends.  It isn't fair to my family.  It isn't even fair to me.  I don't care.  I'm in love with the game of hockey.  I can relate most occurances in life to hockey.  I can relate most real life situations to "in-game" situations as well.

I can't say that I'm a high skilled player.  I probably couldn't say that I have "soft" hands, nor that I have fast feet.  I'm a role player.  My job is to go out there and play hard, prevent the other team from scoring, and occasionally put one between the pipes or set up my linemates.  I relish this role.  My other role is to irritate the other team and eventually get someone to retaliate.  I draw penalties.  I also spend a fair share of time in the box myself.

I've been on good teams, and on bad ones.  The difference isn't so much skill level, but the difference is in teamwork and effort.  I'd rather have a team where everyone has less skill but tries hard and puts in maximum effort on every shift than an overtalented team that believes it can score at will.

People ask me what I enjoy the most about hockey.  I cannot single out one specific part of the game that I don't like.  Well maybe the referees, but that's another rant.  I enjoy watching the fluidity of the game.  I live for that perfect pass that sets up a linemate for a tap in goal.  I like the power of a slapshot, the control of a wrister, the sheer surprise of a snap-shot.  The brutality in the corners is my domain, my bailiwick if you will. 

Of course I have teams that I follow;  The Washington Capitals are close to my home and close to my heart.  ( )  I play in a roller hockey league in Maryland ( )  And if I could afford to, I'd play ice hockey year round as well.  But alas I don't have enough money to afford such a luxury.

I guess the moral of this entry is that if you are ever asked to go to a hockey game, you should experience it for yourself.  Hopefully the person that invites you is fairly knowledgeable about the game and can fill you in on who to watch, what to look for, and some of the rules as well.

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