Sunday, October 31, 2010

Now for a little politics

Fear mongering...yeah that's what I want to rant about at this moment.

I'm sick of all this fear mongering. Apparently what we're doing is keeping terrorism alive and well. We've altered our constitution, we have neighbors spying on neighbors. Federal agencies are kidnapping US citizens and extraditing them to other countries to be tortured and interrogated, not to mention that the USA redefined torture so that it's completely legal.

So this is the USA.

Not the one that I fought for and wore the uniform of.

There are "Terror Tips" signs on the side of the freeways, Report Suspicious Activity signs and the FBI "caught" another "terrorist" just recently. Ridiculous. Abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous.

"War is peace. Less is more. Freedom is Slavery." -George Orwell.

That's where we are now. Not where we should be. But it's where we are.

I don't condone revolution. What I do hope for is that everyone of you that vote will vote for a legislator that promises to uphold the US Constitution as it was written, not as it was rewritten.

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