Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Slouching towards Socialistic Fascism: The opening phase.

In this current era, I am watching with great interest the socio-political machinations of the United States. It seems that there are many events occurring simultaneously that have greater implications long term than the short term problems that they seek to solve. America, the people, is asleep during this entire process. There are a few Patriots that seek to put a stop to these actions, but they are silenced quickly and without fanfare. The machinations I speak of include the War in Iraq, the demise of the US dollar, the failure of the economic system, and the elimination of the Bill of Rights from the US Constitution, which, according to George W. Bush, is "just a piece of paper."

First and foremost, in my opinion, is the response by the executive branch of the federal government to the attacks of September 11, 2001. Whether these attacks were genuinely carried out by "terrorists" or not does not matter in this discussion. What matters is the response to them. The response has been utter disregard for the freedoms that our forefathers argued for, fought and died for...those freedoms we like to address as "The Bill of Rights."

I'm not surprised that most of the United States isn't really paying much attention to the usurpation of our Rights. After all, Britney's vagina and American Idol are much more important to us. We even trust our newsmen-though we shouldn't. From the very beginning we have been conditioned to watch the television. It's a convenient babysitter for Mom, a nice escape for Dad, and a wonderful method of hypnosis for the masses.

It is my opinion that this long slouch towards fascism started 50 or more years ago, but we're nearing the endgame as I write this. To use a chess term, the "endgame" starts when the "midgame" is over. The "midgame" is the strategic placement of pieces. The endgame begins with the exchanging of pieces. Usually pawns are the first sacrificed-and those pave the way towards bishops, knights, rooks, the queen and eventually, the king and checkmate.

The first steps towards fascism began in the early 20th Century with the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service. These two entities overhauled a financial system that worked. The next great step forward occurred with the passing of the Montgomery G.I. Bill-which allowed servicemen returning from WWII to attend Universities on the US Government's dime. Later our baby boomer generation was conditioned to fear outside republics, and to practice this fear by hiding under their desks once a week at school. Then when JFK was assasinated, Walter Cronkite stepped in and became a member of everyone's family-the uncle that they trusted, a faithful dinner companion.

Just those occurrences alone could have primed the pump for fascism and socialism, but they weren't quite enough for those in power. Those who could exercise power allowed the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, and while I agree that women are born with and have the same rights as men, this amendment was another button on the uniform of the fascist regime that is to come. Soon after the ERA was passed, a "gas crisis" or a "crisis of confidence" (whichever you prefer to call it) led to the weakening of the US dollar and forced many mothers to go to work to help maintain a livable family income.

Now the children were alone and impressionable after school, if only for 2 or 3 hours. But that was 5 days a week, for several months at a time. That's more than enough time for the media to do it's work upon the impressionable minds. Coincidentally, MTV premiered soon after.

As you can see, the stage was set slowly and carefully. From start to finish, the opening of the game was pretty much flawless.

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